HOPE 2012

The population has been decimated. The survivors have begun to kill themselves. No-one has ever found a way to put children back into the world, but……there are some who, keeping their human nature intact, did not give up and organised themselves to survive. Due to a sudden arrival, the group will have to clash with the harsh reality outside their shelter. The boys will face an obscure sect of monks, marauding raiders and a sinister presence in the woods. Grudges and violence of the old world will re-appear overwhelming among the boys, bringing revelations and twists to the unexpected epilogue.

Short Movies


Shot inside a quarantine location for the Festival de Cine en Cuarentena (Quarantine Film Festival) this movie is based on the real events of Tiko Marquez and his granddaughter Mariana who were victims of the work restrictions placed in Colombia during the Coronavirus pandemic. This short thriller shot at home during full lock down explores all the dynamics of the privileged vs the underprivileged during times of quarantine.


Claudio and Luciana are a young Roman couple. He is a plumber and she is a beautician. They have been married for a few years and live in the suburbs of the capital. They lead a peaceful life amidst the many difficulties of an economic crisis and the lack of prospects. One morning, however, things change. Their treasure, (a small sum of money) kept and saved, the only guarantee for a better future, is in danger. This will bring the couple to the point of no return, but will it really be the case? The finale shows that the devil is not always as bad as it seems, but that the truth is often different from the one on display before our eyes.