About me

Daniele Ciferri is a Director, Editor and Camera Operator, and the Founder of DCmultimedia. He is based in London (UK), Rome (IT). Although originally from Italy, Daniele moved at a young age to London. Growing up on such a small Village outside Rome city, Daniele has learned to appreciate the workings of a small community and found a love with Cinema, Web and Television industry.

Daniele started his professional videography & production businesses at the age of 19 while mainly working within the cinema industry and Television Productions. Since then, he has grown his services and now specialises in corporate promotional content video/documentary, and website designs in DCmultimedia. Over the past decade, Daniele has worked with Tv productions in Rome and London with an intensive work as assistant producer at BBC broadcast house in London. He has also shot Movies/short movies with several winning prizes.

As part of his service to his clients, Daniele likes to bring his small community attitude to all of his work. At all times, he maintains a professional, friendly and personal attitude. Daniele now is the official Creative Director of TIPA (Tokyo international Piano Association) and ArtePiano Masterclasses.

Current Projects